About Me

Hello and thank you for taking the first step in helping your child achieve milestones with Five Stars Speech Services!



My name is Adriana Bordoni, MA CCC-SLP/TSLD/SLS
Bilingual Speech Therapist (NJ/NY.) And I am here to help you and your child begin their journey.

Working with children is my passion, specifically I center my services to bilingual families, specializing in speech pathology for children with Autism.

Educational Achievements:

-Touro University
-University of Palermo
-Universidad de Buenos Aires-Argentina
-MD Speech Language Therapist, 1991

- Autism & Asperger’s 2016
- PROMPT Technique 03/07
- Neuroanathomy, A practical review for clinicians, 03/06
- Management of the Medically Fragile Dysphagic Patient Including
  Esophageal and Pulmonary Disorders 03/06
- Evaluating the Special Needs Child, 08/05
- Fostering Effective Communication with Parents, 08/05
- ABA Basic Training 08/05
- Feeding & Swallowing Issues in Premature Infants, 08/05

- PECS, 09/05- The Whole Child: The SANE System for pediatric Assessment and Treatment. 06/05
- Early Intervention Progress Report Writing 09/04